About Us

Nepal Research Forum (NRF) is a registered wing of Avant Garde Solution; an independent consulting firm dedicated to provide best services in the field of marketing research, business, and management consultancy services, development cooperation services and IT & telecommunication consultancy services. Avant Garde has been providing quality services to government, development and corporate organizations.

Nepal Research Forum focusses on dissemination of research findings and sharing the ideas and experiences of academicians, policy makers, and practitioners. The aim of the forum is to improve the mutual cooperation and research environment by generating new knowledge and practices in Nepal. The forum is a platform for the researchers and academicians to disseminate their research findings and explore new prominent research topics. We have observed increasing participation, overwhelming response, and enthusiasm from the policy makers, academicians, practitioners, and the research scholars.

Objectives of the Nepal Research Forum

  • Encourage research initiatives by individuals or groups of investigators.
  • Create a platform for dissemination of research findings.
  • Contribute to human capacity building in the field of research.
  • Link the academics with practitioners through research.
  • Improve the quantity and quality of the research activities.
  • Buildup the research culture in Nepal.

Why Participate in the Nepal Research Forum?

  • Platform to share the findings.
  • Platform to learn and share the experience.
  • Platform to link academics with practitioners.
  • Exposure to the current and influential trends in the market.
  • Excellent networking opportunities.

Expected outcome from the forum

  • Develop skills in research methodology.
  • Develop experience in using qualitative and quantitative research tools.
  • Enhance hands-on training in research.
  • Establish a network of researchers.
  • Improve research outputs; publications and transfer of knowledge.